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“You’re not just attracting new businesses, you’re creating opportunities for the people who live here.” Specifically, workforce is one of five things considered in economic development, she said. Those areas include the available infrastructure such as existing buildings, utilities, broadband internet service and water, Roberton said. Swindell develops customized training programs in manufacturing industries. When a prospective industrial operation is considering Lee County as a site, they want next page to know what you have, she said “If we’ve got a metal fabricator company coming in, they want to know what can you do, training-wise, to skill up employees once they’re hired,” she said. Bharat Forge, an auto component manufacturer, is opening a facility in Sanford in coming months. The company has worked with Swindell to develop a training program for new employees. Like everything else, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced some changes to instruction with more coursework offered online, Swindell said. “There’s only so much you can do online, but we’ve managed,” she said. “Some industries have gone totally online for training while others are online and hands-on training with reduced class sizes.” Swindell is working on 10 training programs ranging from advanced manufacturing to pharmaceutical to food processing to automotive areas. “The one common denominator (for a program) is they have to be a manufacturer of some sort,” Swindell said.